These days, if you want to be a full-time creator, you have two options:

  1. Bootstrap your audience on platforms like TikTok or Instagram where you’re at the mercy of algorithms and paid pennies for your hard work
  2. Sell your ideas to a network where you forfeit creative control and sign on to steep deals undercut by middlemen

Either path leaves your fate at the mercy of a third party, be it a mysterious algorithm or an out-of-touch executive.

Mad Realities is changing that.

We’re building a new platform for fans to engage with and support their favorite creators.

This isn’t just a tip jar or a monthly subscription – we’re creating a radically new form of patronage that allows fans to directly influence the content they consume while giving creators a new method to monetize the content they create.

We’re beginning our journey with a handful of creators through our Creator Collective, a community centered around experimenting with the technology we’ve built so far and shaping what we build next.

Together, we will create a future where creators are able to tell stories we don’t see in today’s Hollywood that anyone – even you – can participate in.

Reality is mad. instead.

New age entertainment platform, powered by you.